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Ways to Support the Work of Heritage Humane Society

Mike Sagman

Dr. Mike Sagman worked as a restorative and cosmetic dentist for nearly four decades. He currently serves as Founder and Managing Editor of Dr. Mike Sagman also dedicates his resources to support groups such as Heritage Humane Society in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Those who would like to support Heritage Humane Society (HHS) in its efforts to end animal homelessness can get involved with the organization in a number of ways. In addition to welcoming one-time financial donations, HHS operates a monthly giving program that allows donors to cover all care-related costs for one animal, from the moment it enters the shelter to the date of its adoption.
HHS supporters may also direct donations toward specific funding needs. The Society oversees several funding programs to support its spay/neuter efforts as well as its work providing medication and care for animals with injuries or health conditions such as diabetes, cancer, and heartworms.
Individuals who would rather volunteer their time to HHS can serve as foster parents for cats and dogs awaiting adoption. Qualified foster parents are often asked to care for pregnant or nursing animals as well as orphaned kitten and puppy litters. HHS foster families also care for pets with health or behavioral issues. More information about how to support Heritage Humane Society can be found at

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