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Virginia Animal Cruelty Laws

Mike Sagman

Dr. Mike Sagman, a restorative and cosmetic dentist who operated a practice in Newport News, Virginia, for nearly 40 years, earned his DDS from the Medical College of Virginia. Passionate about animal welfare causes, Dr. Mike Sagman runs the Dog Food Advisor, an online resource that educates people about pet food-related issues.

In the state of Virginia, the legislature has passed Comprehensive Animal Care, laws that govern the acceptable treatment of animals, including household pets such as dogs and cats, and farm animals such as horses and cows. Owners must provide adequate food, water, and shelter for their animals. Moreover, owners are legally bound to furnish veterinary care to prevent communicable illnesses and suffering.
Owners found to have violated the laws face misdemeanor punishment that ranges in severity depending on the offense and repeat offender status. However, if a person tortures or otherwise willfully causes an animal to suffer inhumanely, the person may face serious felony penalties and may even be banned from owning animals in Virginia.

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