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Signs of Animal Neglect

Mike Sagman

As the founder and managing editor of the popular reference website, Dr. Mike Sagman, a retired dentist, helps consumers understand the pet food choices available to them. Dr. Mike Sagman has been a life-long supporter of animal welfare organizations such as the Heritage Humane Society and Best Friends Animal Society.

In many jurisdictions in the United States, animal neglect is defined as the crime of harming an animal by failing to provide or maintain nutrition, medical care, or appropriate living conditions. When an owner neglects an animal purposely or accidentally, the owner may be legally answerable.
Individuals who observe signs of animal neglect can call local authorities to report the problem. Signs of neglect include filthy living conditions; body wounds or scars; underweight, bony physiques; animals caged or chained in small enclosures for long periods; and animals left outside in temperatures hot or cold enough to cause suffering.

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